Planet Twelve

“Well it seems that this is the end, it’s a pretty clear sign when the sky starts to fall in…”

This is it, “Planet Twelve” the last planet animation. It features a selection of characters from December’s Illustrated Aliens.

Planet Twelve from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

If you haven’t caught up with the previous planets you can do so on their Vimeo channel The Planets.

Here is the planet illustration and a line up of all the illustrated aliens created during December 2013. Also you can purchase a print of the planet here.



So I’ve reached the end of the Illustrated Aliens Project. Over 16000 people have followed the blog which is beyond my expectations at the start of the project last January. I hope you have enjoyed my animated planetary adventure.

I have put all The Planets together (as well as some additional bits of animation) to create a full animated short that I am sending to animation festivals this year. Once it has done the rounds I’ll put it online

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