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Sketchbook: New Characters

Here is an image of some new characters I’ve been working on. I’m developing a few of them to full colour which I’ll post tomorrow.

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Recycled Monsters

These monsters are made from various bits of waste by Brandon Jan Blommeart. More can be seen in his flickr set called eco_station.

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Pitchfork's View Of 2000-09 In Music

Over at Pitchfork they have started to compile their end of the decade lists of best albums and best tracks (the tracks are up now, albums are coming up later in the year). This is accompanied by a series of … Continue reading

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Little Old Men: Custom Qee Dog

Here are some photo’s of a DIY Qee I drew all over with a Little Old Men block of flats. I am just finishing off another one at the moment, this time a custom Qee Bear. Click on the images … Continue reading

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Sketchbook: Creepy Insects

This is a new sketchbook drawing of some creepy (yet melancholy) insects. I might work them up into full colour characters sometime soon.

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Aniboom: Holiday Animation Challenge

In the middle of August is probably not the best time to post a Christmas animation but I have just entered my short “Walking In The Air” into the Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge. Submissions are open till the 31th August … Continue reading

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Chalk and Blackboards

This beautiful video was made by Yanni Kronenberg and Lucinda Schreiber for the Australian band Firekites and their song “Autumn Story”. I love the illustrations and the simple set up that was used to it’s full potential.

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Saturday Cartoon: House Of Tomorrow

This is full of quick fire jokes from the master of animation, Tex Avery. I don’t think you could get away with some of this anymore (see if you can guess which parts) which is probably a good thing. Very … Continue reading

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10 Dimensions

This simple but effective animation attempts to explain quantum physic’s principles of dimensions in a visual way. I really enjoyed it and thought I’d been taught something until I read the comments on Boing Boing. Accurate or not, it’s still … Continue reading

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Collings And Herrin Podcast: Live

I’ve been listening to the Collings And Herring Podcast for quite a while now. Full of ramshackle talking and the odd bit about things going on in the newspapers, it is usually done in the comedian Richard Herring’s attic when … Continue reading

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