Announcing Mr Director

‘Behind The Man, Behind The Lens’ or ‘A Look At A Life In Film’
More than 6 years in the making here is the trailer for my upcoming short, Mr Director. In the full 7 minute animation we discover all about the ups and downs of a life within the film industry, straight from the horses mouth… actually it’s from the mouth of Mr Director. He’s a man. Not a horse.

Film website:
Mr Director on Twitter: @mrdirectorfilms

If you would like to screen Mr Director at your film festival please get in touch.

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The Planets

Here it is, online after the festival run. This is the full 12 part animated short “The Planets”. It is the culmination of my year long ‘Illustrated Aliens’ project.

The Planets is an intergalactic animated journey through twelve distinct worlds. In them we find plasticine battles, bored sheep, robots in love, ghostly fish & chips, superhero kids, as well as lots of other shenanigans. These often hilarious, bizarre, and creepy worlds give us a glimpse into a part of outer space that has yet been undiscovered as well as a mirror to how we on Planet Earth spend our lives.

The individual planet animations are collected on their own Vimeo channel.

All Pictures, Sound and Movement by Andy Martin
Additional Voice on Planet Seven by Sarah Martin
Thanks to everyone at Strange Beast, Mum & Dad, the Wife and the Dog. All planets appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real aliens, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Creature Box


I’ve just released a teaser trailer for an upcoming EP by a band I am in called ‘Creature Box. ‘The Thief EP’ will have an animated video for each of it’s five tracks and as the trailer says, it’s coming soon…

And here’s an animated gif of the Creature Boxes’ high five.


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Plasticine Rhythm

This is my new stop motion animated short ‘Plasticine Rhythm’. It forms the focal point of my Plasticine Rhythm project which is collected together on this Vimeo channel.

Using the iPhone app Vine, I created a series of stop motion loops over a period of about 6 months. It was a good way to experiment quickly with plasticine in motion and they were fun to make. As this series of animations developed they became more focused on animations that produce sounds, this gave me a bigger idea…

I have always been interested in the way visuals can effect sound and how visual loops can be brought together to create a piece of music. This is how I produced Plasticine Rhythm; allowing each stop motion loop, made using Vine, to dictate a sound and combining these sound loops on screen to build a compatible interplay of rhythm and melody. Once this was established I then played with all the elements, including the background colour and the mini TVs containing the loops, so every element was intrinsically linked with the music.

For the best stereo effect I recommend wearing headphones to watch it.


You can also see ‘Behind the Plasticine Rhythm’ where I go through how to make your own animated stop motion loop.


With the help of Strange Beast I put on a Plasticine Rhythm Workshop at ‘Pick Me Up‘ in Somerset House, London. At it attendees learned the principles of replacement stop motion and made a companion piece to Plasticine Rhythm. You can also watch behind the scenes footage footage from the day.


You can listen to and download ‘The Plasticine Rhythm EP’ featuring all the songs associated with this project.

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Pictoplasma 2014

I love the Pictoplasma character design festival, every time I go I come back inspired to make new work. This year I was honoured to be asked to be a conference speaker at the event and to participate in a Character Portrait exhibition they were putting on. Thanks to Lars, Peter and all the Pictoplasma team for inviting me to be part of the festival this year. I can’t wait for the next one!

Below are a few images and the animation I created for the exhibition…

It was the 10th year of the festival this year:
Happy Birthday

Onstage at the conference:
Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 18.40.48

A drawing by Captain Lala done as I spoke, and a shot from the stage as people watched The Planets:

And finally, the animation made for the Character Portrait Exhibition:

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Showreel 2014

I have a brand new showreel for 2014…

Andy Martin Showreel 2014 from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

Also, I’ve redesigned my website as well as adding some new pieces of animation and illustration to the different sections. Go and take a look around.

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See No Evil

On the 8 April I will be speaking at See No Evil. If you are in London you should come along. I’ll be playing the full animated short of ‘The Planets’ and showing for the first time anywhere my new stop motion short ‘Plasticine Rhythm’ as well as some other bits and pieces. Here are the details:


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A 60 second warning about self obsession.

Selfie from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

This animated short was created for Pictoplasma’s #CharacterSelfie project.

I will be talking at the Pictoplasma Festival this year, showing various bits of animation as well as chatting about the work and sharing some of my process. Here are the details of the festival, it’s the 10th Anniversary so it should be a special one!

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Planet Posters

Here are a selection of posters I created for ‘The Planets’





If you want one of these for yourself you can get one here.

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Planet Twelve

“Well it seems that this is the end, it’s a pretty clear sign when the sky starts to fall in…”

This is it, “Planet Twelve” the last planet animation. It features a selection of characters from December’s Illustrated Aliens.

Planet Twelve from Andy Martin on Vimeo.

If you haven’t caught up with the previous planets you can do so on their Vimeo channel The Planets.

Here is the planet illustration and a line up of all the illustrated aliens created during December 2013. Also you can purchase a print of the planet here.



So I’ve reached the end of the Illustrated Aliens Project. Over 16000 people have followed the blog which is beyond my expectations at the start of the project last January. I hope you have enjoyed my animated planetary adventure.

I have put all The Planets together (as well as some additional bits of animation) to create a full animated short that I am sending to animation festivals this year. Once it has done the rounds I’ll put it online

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